You know when things happen to prove that magic really exists?

Like when a series of synchronistic events unfold effortlessly before your eyes that you could have never planned or imagined.


When something is just meant to be.

That feeling is one of my favourite things in life.

The alignment that feels as though the universe is opening a secret hidden door, especially for you.

It could relate to a tiny detail like looking up at the sky & seeing a whimsical shape of a cloud, or a significant event like following a lifelong dream to move from Australia to Italy.

This jewellery is born from the things that make my heart sing …a sense of wonder, a reverence for curiosity, everyday preciousness & tiny moments of magic.

Here in the little artisan old-world studio, nestled in a small street in the centre of Florence, using two hands, fire, tools & a curious heart.

The intention is always the same: the amalgamation of two seemingly opposite concepts; the playful with the profound. Whimsical with practical. Deep sentiment with frivolity.

I hope my work can inspire you to remember your magic.

Celeste xox

A love story, and my italian heritage, enticed me back to Italy. Born and raised in Australia, I am now based in Florence. 

In life, but also with jewellery, I prefer a slow, intention-filled process that reflects the precious and heirloom status that the materials deserve.

With almost 20 years since the beginning of my journey as a goldsmith, my love for the craft is solid. It’s not just a job, it’s part of who I am. My heart is happier with dirty hands and shiny objects.

As a typical introvert, I am drawn to calm and simple things. Some of my favorite things are clouds, rainbows, heart-felt conversations, parrots, laughing, kindness, and naps.

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