Beautiful jewellery is my dream.

I make jewellery for beautiful souls.

Since I was little I’ve loved hearts and the colour blue. My Italian name literally means blue. As a girl I loved to make things. The rediscovery of what I loved to do as a child led me to pursue my craft.

Today I am living the life of my girlhood dreams. Working between Melbourne and Florence, enjoying my two favourite cities.

I have acquired an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology – Jewellery and am a qualified Gemologist. After completing my 4 year gold and silver smithing apprenticeship under the direction of Adam Koniaras, co-founder of Melbourne-based design company Elk, I launched Celeste Jewellery.

My dreams today are simple and honest. Each piece I make is designed with heart.

Amidst all the roles you have to play in life, I believe the “real you” is the one that dreams.

Because your dream is your heart’s desire.

Celeste xxx